Is your spouse sabotaging your weight loss efforts?

Engaging in a weight loss program and successfully finishing it is a difficult task. But, what makes it doubly hard is a spouse or partner who does not approve of it and is unwilling or reluctant to help. There are a number of reasons why a spouse would consciously or unconsciously sabotage his or her […]

Managing loose skin after weight loss

If you have lost a large amount of weight and that too rapidly, then you may develop the problem of loose skin. Loose skin hanging around from various regions of the body is very embarrassing in appearance. In this article we will discuss why loose skin is caused and what you can do to prevent […]

Add muscles to lose weight

  Bulking up is one of the most sound and effective methods when it comes to shedding unwanted pounds. It is highly-recommended by many weight experts because building muscles do not only trigger the breakdown of fat but also simultaneously results in a more firm and toned physique. The latter is very important because during […]

Prescription diet pills VS non prescription herbal slimming pills [infographic]

Ever wondered how prescription diet pills compare to herbal non prescription alternatives? Then our latest infographic has the answer for you.   Share this infographic on your site using this code:  <a href=””><img src=”” alt=”” /></a>  

Benefits of Walking

What could be more beneficial than walking? We all agree to the point that this relatively simple activity has several positive aspects and had been recommended by experts of all level since ages as beneficial in many forms. Heavy workouts aren’t feasible for many. Running miles makes you perspire like anything. Going on diets leaves […]

Losing Weight with a Busy Schedule

Losing weight was never an easy task, and owing to the busy schedules of this modern era, where you are driven crazy all day long, you may not even bother about giving it a second thought. For those working 8-9 hours in an office and returning home late, how can weight loss exercises ever find […]

How to Lose Lower Belly Fat?

Of all the extra fat that accumulates in the body unnecessarily giving it a bulging appearance, belly fat is the most undesirable one. A protruding belly destroys your personality. And no doubt, it makes you look shabby. Even though you work hard to push your belly back in, you still find it somewhat impossible to […]

Best Weight Loss Method in Middle Aged Men

No matter in what age group you are, weight gain must be stopped in all possible and healthy ways. It is a big mistake that many weight watchers do weight training exercises all throughout the youth but, once into their 30’s, the determination to keep the weigh scale needle down diminishes. It s not about […]

Meal Replacement Protein Shakes: a way to lose weight fast

Losing unwanted body fat can be quite tedious, especially for people who are always busy and lead hectic lives. But, the good thing nowadays is that nutritionally-packed meal replacement protein shakes abound in the market for people who have weight issues/problems and do not have the luxury of time to stick to any stringent diet […]

Does Acupuncture Assist in Weight Loss?

Ever thought of choosing a different method to get rid of those extra pounds, which are present in your body as unsightly lumps and bumps? Of course, you must be fed up of those typical weight loss diet plans, which you eventually tend to give up after a week, or those heavy physical workouts, which […]