Full & Slim – Effective weight loss drink or FAD?



The daily mail recently published an article about a new upcoming weight loss drink called Full & Slim, which promises big weight loss results with no exercise or dieting involved. Is this the next big thing? We look into this new drink to find out…

According to the DM, Full & Slim is a weight loss drink which is packaged as a sachet containing Glucomannan , and l-carnitine. The premise is that you mix it with water, and once consumed it expands in the stomach providing a feeling of fullness associated with being satiated.

The idea behind this supplement is that Glucomannan has been found in studies to be one of the most effective water soluble dietary fiber, and can absorb many times its weight like a sponge. This in provides the feeling of fullness associated with having had a full meal. But the most exciting part concerns recent studies conducted with Glucomannan which showed promising results with regards to treating constipation, helping lower cholesterol levels, increase insulin sensitivity, improve glycemia and promote weight loss.

Unfortunately we could not find any research or any official information about this new brand, or it’s product. All we have to go on is a headline mentioning scientists (when none were involved in the article) and a few spelling mistakes on the Daily Mail article, notably l-carnitine which was spelled as “l-caratine” then later corrected after a few readers suggested the mistake…

Until there is more information about this new drink, who manufactures it, and actual proof we would recommend practising caution and opting for a more established product.

If you want to take advantage of Glucomannan’s weight loss benefits we highly recommend the 5:2 Fasting Supplement packed with Glucomannan and essential vitamins.

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