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Meal Replacement Protein Shakes: a way to lose weight fast

Losing unwanted body fat can be quite tedious, especially for people who are always busy and lead hectic lives. But, the good thing nowadays is that nutritionally-packed meal replacement protein shakes abound in the market for people who have weight issues/problems and do not have the luxury of time to stick to any stringent diet […]

Does Acupuncture Assist in Weight Loss?

Ever thought of choosing a different method to get rid of those extra pounds, which are present in your body as unsightly lumps and bumps? Of course, you must be fed up of those typical weight loss diet plans, which you eventually tend to give up after a week, or those heavy physical workouts, which […]

Importance of Goal Setting in Losing Weight

When you see someone with a slim and fit body, you too desire for the same in case yours is out of shape. No matter how much you make up your mind that you look perfect, but you still can’t resist being bit envious when you see someone leaner than you. It is also a […]

Losing extra weight from your thighs

Generally, the thighs are one of the most problematic areas/regions of the body when it comes to losing stubborn body fat. As people age and live sedentary, inactive lives, fat tends to settle more on this upper section of the lower extremities along with the hips, waist, and buttocks. Though it may take some time, […]

Difference between Weight Loss and Fat Loss

People dealing with fitness and health matters professionally may be able to distinguish the slightest of difference between meanings of ‘weight loss and fat loss’. But those who do not have much know how about the exact translation of these terminologies; consider them to be almost same. Losing weight and losing fat, if looked upon […]

How Does Joining a Weight Loss Center Help You in Reaching Your Weight Loss Goals?

When it comes to weight loss, our brains are bombarded with the ideas of heavy physical exercises and scarce food intake. We continue this ‘blind-ended’ dieting method for few days and eventually give upon it for we soon realize that the method is not even near to ideal. At this moment, we desperately feel the […]

Intermittent Fasting: a Successful Way to Lose Weight

With the increasing awareness of health amongst general public, various effective and health promoting diet plans have been designed. However, the one we are going to discuss about in this article isn’t a very new one, but not old enough. “Intermittent fasting (IF)” or say it, “Alternate-day calorie restriction” was designed back in the late […]

Health and diet myths

Dieting has become a worldwide craze these days as evidenced by more and more people realizing the significance of having a sound body. With the emergence of numerous dieting programs, it’s important especially for would-be dieters to be able to sift fact from fiction or more aptly termed as “diet myths”. The main reason for […]

Foods to increase your metabolism

Food is like a double edged sword, the right food can give abundant health whereas the wrong one can take it away. Many underestimate the true potential of food and land up with different diseases and disorders, one such disorder is obesity or being overweight which is increasingly haunting the urban population today. There are […]

How to stop emotional eating?

Food is not fun; it is the fuel for strength to do worthwhile things! Now that’s a fact we often fail to acknowledge. We feed our bodies for strength and good health, sometimes for fun, but there are some who use food to feed their emotions. Although we often turn to food in response to […]