Add muscles to lose weight


Bulking up is one of the most sound and effective methods when it comes to shedding unwanted pounds. It is highly-recommended by many weight experts because building muscles do not only trigger the breakdown of fat but also simultaneously results in a more firm and toned physique. The latter is very important because during and after submitting to a weight reduction program, once the excess fat is removed the skin becomes flaccid which is unsightly. But, by adding muscles while trying to lose weight, loose and flabby skin won’t be such a huge problem. Moreover, building more muscles can have a lasting effect on maintaining normal weight and promoting better overall health.

Muscle-building basically aids in weight loss because the process activates fat breakdown. Even at rest, muscles use up more calories than fats do in action. By boosting the body’s metabolism, weight loss becomes a lot faster and weight management much easier.

Various strategies contribute to adding more muscle weight to the body. Typical routes of adding more muscles are of course through diet and exercise, and/or a combination of these two. The method of incorporating more lean protein in the diet is one sure way of gaining more muscles. This method is also known to lower hunger pangs and increase the level of satiety or fullness as opposed to consuming foods that are deficient in protein, which is good especially when one is trying to lose weight. Adding more “healthy protein” in the diet, the likes of lean chicken or beef, fish, eggs, soy, and beans while reducing the amount of carbohydrate consumed is guaranteed to produce a favorable outcome.

Another surefire technique for people who have weight woes to be able to build muscles and at the same time reduce fat is through exercising. The most helpful types of exercises when it comes to gaining more muscles are basically those that target the largest/main groups of muscles in the body. Examples of such exercises include doing squats, presses, lunges, pushups, lifting weights, resistance training and most especially those aimed at strengthening the muscles of the midsection or tummy area which is oftentimes the most problematic area of the body and is usually the site of excessive fat accumulation. In addition to building more muscles during the process of exercising, bones and connective tissues are also strengthened. If done regularly, the loss of muscle mass which accompanies aging can be prevented as well. It is imperative, however, that as one undergoes strength training or any rigorous physical activity, protein consumption is sufficient because protein is essential to building muscles.

Here are some pointers/reminders when exercising in order to gain muscles while losing weight:

  1. Warming up is important as well as cooling down. Doing light stretching and a bit of cardio before and after exercising will help prevent injury and sore muscles.
  2. Do muscle training two times per week at the least. Allow the muscles to rest in between workouts for them to recover quickly.
  3. Occasionally challenge those muscles. For instance, try lifting weights.
  4. Incorporate compound movements in your routine. The main reason here is to involve as many muscles and joints possible. The more large muscles involved the better.
  5. Vary your exercise program. To derive the most benefit from any workout it’s important that the body is given time to continuously adapt to it because once the body gets used or accustomed to any single routine, the less efficient the exercise becomes. Try changing your routine by changing the type of exercises you do, the number of repetitions you make and the type of resistance you use.
  6. Performing exercises correctly or properly is as important as actually doing them.

By incorporating both dietary and exercising strategies, you will definitely be able to add muscle to your body and lose weight. 

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