Benefits of Walking


What could be more beneficial than walking? We all agree to the point that this relatively simple activity has several positive aspects and had been recommended by experts of all level since ages as beneficial in many forms.

Heavy workouts aren’t feasible for many. Running miles makes you perspire like anything. Going on diets leaves you frustrated and more eager to eat. But walking is an absolutely moderate type of exercise, which does not require any specific equipment, or any marked space. Just grab some comfortable pair of foot wear, put on your track suit and set out to walk for 20 to 30 minutes, preferably in the bright, early morning shine.

You do not have to belong to a particular age group for this low-impact exercise. For a really good and effective environment, do this activity in a nearby park or tract. The benefits of walking are too many to mention. However, some common and potential benedictions are discussed in this article.

Boosts your circulation

Though not really tiring, but walking for at least 30 minutes requires considerable amount of energy, which effects your circulatory system in a way that your heart pumps blood much faster to fulfill the demand of your body cells. This way the pumping organ gets stronger. In addition to it, walking decreases LDL in blood which means that you are going to have a really healthy body with normal cholesterol levels and free of high blood pressure.

Gets you into shape

If you wish to reduce the bulging fat, trim your tummy, hips and thighs; wish to appear leaner than before, then nothing else can help you more than walking. The exercise, as we all know, consumes energy and burns fat as well. More to it, your posture will also seem to improve. But for that to happen, you must first adapt the correct technique. While walking, relax your muscles, especially those which comprise your neck, shoulders and back. Do not stiffen them. Straighten your spine, and pull your tummy a bit inside while walking.

Stretch while you walk

You can also perform tiny steps of stretching when you walk. You can stretch your arm over your head to reach to the opposite side. Or do leg stretch by pulling one of your foot back to your buttocks, with the knee facing the ground straight. Hold on for a while and repeat the same with the other leg.

Make your health activity, a fun activity

Do not go too serious when you exercise. Add some element of fun into it. Make it social by walking with your friend or a family member. Go to parks or places where most fitness seekers gather. Talking to people will make you feel better, and you shall not fall into the dungeons of isolation when you exercise.

Do not have extra time?

If you lack extra minutes to spare for walking, then do not worry. You still can incorporate this health friendly activity into your daily routine such as, taking stairs instead of elevator, walking your kids to the school if it is near enough, go to grocery on foot if feasible. But do take special care of your surroundings, do take care of your safety and avoid walking in isolated areas.

If you are an obese individual who is looking to lose some weight, or a health conscious person who wants to include some health activity into the daily routine, walking is one of the best forms of exercises that has numerous health benefits and is easy to follow.

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