Best Weight Loss Method in Middle Aged Men


No matter in what age group you are, weight gain must be stopped in all possible and healthy ways. It is a big mistake that many weight watchers do weight training exercises all throughout the youth but, once into their 30’s, the determination to keep the weigh scale needle down diminishes. It s not about doing heavy and hard exercises; however, you should always work on different ways to maintain your weight all throughout your life.

It is true that when you reach in your thirties and forties, your body undergoes a variety of changes. The main thing to point out here is the “Hormones”. Their secretion decreases and so, you tend to become less active as compared to your energetic youth life. With the hormone level going down, the muscle mass (which highly depends upon the secretion of certain hormones) also decreases. As the muscle uses and burns a lot of energy, so with the flattening muscle mass at the mid-age, weight gaining capability of the body also increases.

Moreover, with the increasing age, and especially taking into consideration this present advanced era of technology and luxuries, you tend to restrict your activity, which becomes another factor for weight gain.

Men have a completely different body type as compared to women, and we all agree to this fact. The calorie intake, its usage, the muscle build up, etc. all these are highly variable in both the sexes. However, most men in middle-age seem to give up their run for a fit body and are happy carrying a ‘beer belly’.

Well, that is something which must not happen at all. This fat that accumulates in the belly is lethal for the heart. Hence, if you are a man enjoying the middle age part of your life, read out the following tips and methods which can help you maintain your weight as well as your health.

Increase your metabolic rate

Increase you metabolic rate, the rest is all at the mercy of it. If you have a good BMI, you do not have to worry much about the calorie burning issue. Talk to your doctor or your weight trainer about it. Getting involved in playing games daily also helps to increase the metabolic rate of your body.

Go Swimming

More and more people are getting involved in swimming as an exercise due to its uncountable benefits. Apart from keeping the weight within limits, few minutes of swimming in the evening refreshes you or you may say, restarts your brain after you have dealt with your life challenges throughout the day.

Jog your way to weight loss

You have been jogging throughout your youth life and you need not give up this act even now. Jogging has many health benefits apart from weight loss.

Do Strength training exercises

Adding cardiovascular activities in your daily routing will not only save you from lung and heart disease, but also help maintain your weight. However, they won’t do any benefit in increasing or maintaining your muscle mass. Here, special strength training exercises can help. Some examples are sit ups, squats, crunches, lunges and push ups.

Do Dietary changes for weight loss

It is high time that you make healthy amendments in your diet, lest your food begins to affect your heart. Cut down on your oil intake and add oats and boiled chicken to your plate. Also, reduce your salt and sugar intake. Go for fresh and natural foods such as fruits and veggies, and keep away from the processed ones. If you consume alcohol, it is time to cut down this habit of yours as alcohol can add to your daily calorie intake.

It is not difficult both to lose weight and maintain it at any age. However, you need to take certain measures and put in your best effort to get the results.

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