Does Acupuncture Assist in Weight Loss?


Ever thought of choosing a different method to get rid of those extra pounds, which are present in your body as unsightly lumps and bumps? Of course, you must be fed up of those typical weight loss diet plans, which you eventually tend to give up after a week, or those heavy physical workouts, which cover you with sweat and heat.

Acupuncture: An effective method to lose weight

Well, the method of weight loss which we are going to discuss about in this article isn’t a very new one. Many of you may be well aware of it; however for those who do not know about it, let us describe it in detail. We are talking about acupuncture, which is an ancient Chinese medicinal therapy that aims upon stimulating different points in the body by penetrating the skin with needles. The needles are either manipulated manually, or by the means of electric stimulation. Acupuncture is counted as one of the oldest healing methods.

You must be wondering that how could few needles help you in bringing down your weight? Well, weight gain can result from several reasons, many of which may even remain unknown to you. Factors such as hormones, heredity, cardiovascular issues, etc. are inevitable to some extent. Let’s see what benefits does this therapy provides to shred those undesirable bulges from your body.

What does acupuncture aim at?

Inserting hair-width needles into the skin at several different points, in some specific pattern, is what acupuncture is based upon. But what do these needles actually aim at? As it has been discovered that hypothalamus is the master regulator of our body, and the hormones that are released into the body, their specific quantities, and the body’s temperature control, all are under the control of hypothalamus. It is believed that inadequate energy flow towards this part of the central nervous system can result in inappropriate hormone release, which in turn, may result in complications such as obesity.

The needles inserted depend upon a particular kind of weight gain issue. Your treatment provider shall ask you several questions in order to examine you and obtain your history. After that, the treatment will begin by penetrating several needles in a particular fashion.

But again, what do these needles do? Well, they increase a person’s energy level and normalize the functions of hypothalamus so as to encourage and boost weight loss. It is also believed that they help in lowering insulin and lipid levels in the body. They help provide energy to overall body systems, including the central nervous system, where the master regulator resides.

Affect on the sleep cycle

By inserting the needles through the skin, endorphins are also released into the blood which promote the feeling of ‘well-being’. The treatment also helps regulate the cycles of sleep. Both these things aid further in the mechanism of weight loss, as relaxation and good sleep are two vital factors for a healthy body, which you usually tend to ignore in the pursuit of attaining a fit and lean look. A perfect sleep cycle boosts the body’s metabolic rate.

Certain points to consider

Remember that acupuncture, like any other weight loss method, is only a TREATMENT, not the ultimate solution to your problem. It is your duty to maintain the effects after the therapy and so, you must strictly follow the guidelines which your therapist will provide you.

Moreover, always opt for a qualified practitioner to get the therapy.




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