How to Lose Lower Belly Fat?

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Of all the extra fat that accumulates in the body unnecessarily giving it a bulging appearance, belly fat is the most undesirable one. A protruding belly destroys your personality. And no doubt, it makes you look shabby. Even though you work hard to push your belly back in, you still find it somewhat impossible to get rid of that out pouching lower part of the tummy.

A tucked in, well shaped, flattened torso looks attractive of course, and who wouldn’t want an attractive looking waist anyway.

Obtaining a flattened lower abdomen requires double the amount of hard work in comparison to the reducing the fat deposited on the upper part of abdomen. But there is no need to worry. The exercises given below, which are designed by fitness experts, will surely help you attain that toned lower abdomen.

Special Exercises to Tuck in Lower Belly

Exercises such as crunches and push ups aren’t going to help you reduce the lower part of your abdomen as these work outs are mainly meant to target the upper abdominal muscles. So check out the following content to discover as to what can be done to vanish away the lower abdominal pouch that interrupts your smartness.

Remember that pulling in your lower tummy isn’t easy, and so, the exercises might seem a little straining. But for some outstanding smart results, you won’t surely hesitate working hard.

Roll Up: This work out requires you to lie straight on the exercise mat, with your arms extended above your head. Now slowly, curl your upper body off the floor in a way that your hands reach towards your toes, inhale while doing so, tilt your chin down. Exhale half way up and reach to your toes. Now inhale while returning to the starting position, and similarly exhale half way down. Repeat the exercise 8 to 10 times.

Hip Lift: Lie on your back on the exercise mat. Keep your arms extended and away from your sides with the palms facing the floor. Extend your legs straight in a manner that they are perpendicular to your torso. Now push your lower belly in and while keeping your legs straight, lift your hips off the floor and closer to your torso slowly. Inhale when you push in your lower tummy, exhale as you lift off your hips and inhale slowly again when you bring them down to the floor again. Repeat the exercise at least 10 times.

Reverse crunches: This lower abdomen muscle exercise which is known as ‘Reverse Crunches’, begins by lying straight on the exercise mat, arms by your side, palms facing down, and knees bent at 90 degrees. Slowly lift up your knees, towards your chest, with your ab muscles contracted and spine pressed against the floor. While doing so, your hips may also lift off the floor. Now slowly bring your legs back to the starting position. Without touching the floor by your feet, pull your knees back to your chest. Continue doing this for at least 10 times.

Exhale as you curl your knees towards your chest and inhale slowly when you take them back down. Use your hands to support yourselves.

Apart from doing the above mentioned exercises, you should also eat a healthy and well balanced diet that is full of fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, lentils, lean meat, fish, eggs, whole grains etc. By a combination of appropriate dietary and exercise regimen, you will definitely be able to lose the stubborn lower belly fat.

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