Losing Weight with a Busy Schedule


Losing weight was never an easy task, and owing to the busy schedules of this modern era, where you are driven crazy all day long, you may not even bother about giving it a second thought. For those working 8-9 hours in an office and returning home late, how can weight loss exercises ever find space within their busy schedules? Nor can they think about going on a diet, as working for long hours with an empty grumbling stomach is a mission in itself.

So something really tricky is needed for such people that they lose weight without spending much time. Following are few tips which might prove to be somehow helpful in your journey towards attaining fitness without interrupting your work life much.

Follow a schedule: Those who work, often feel lazy about doing any other activity besides it, mostly due to tiredness and lack of time. However, if you schedule your work daily or at least weekly, you will find time making out its own way towards you, allowing you some hours to spend over your fitness exercises. A trick is to program your exercises as you do your appointments, so that you do not miss them. Moreover, do not program your exercises into a tight schedule, which you find difficult to follow, so that you do not end up gaining no benefit.

Your vehicle and your office: Park your vehicle a bit farther from your office if feasible. This is the best thing you can do as you would be then spending few minutes, doing a walk towards your destination in some fresh morning air. Remember, do not park it too far or do not walk too briskly all the way that you become sweaty and tired even before entering your work place.

Plan your calorie intake: On weekends, spare sometime to plan the amount of calories you should be taking in the next seven days. It is better to consult your doctor or any fitness expert for the advice. Then, plan accordingly about the meals you would be taking that whole week.

Do stick to what you have decided and do not cheat.

Avoid junk food at all costs: Busy bees usually tend to gobble up junk meals and high sugary foods just to save time and to gain a lot of energy simultaneously. It is true that junk foods keep your stomach satisfied for long, but on the other hand, you are destroying your health. Avoid doing so. Bring your lunch from home, or when eating out, do take some salad along with “healthy meals”.

Fuel yourselves in the morning: We know you do not have time enough to spare upon your meals, but, you should consider this aspect too as you cannot go all day long without having fuelled yourselves. We also do not ask you to have lavish meals, but a glass of milk, two bananas, cereal with some fruit chunks, or an egg in the morning is not time consuming at all.

Find a fitness buddy: Find someone who is also in the pursuit of losing weight but is too busy, just like you. Plan workout and exercise dates with him/her. Having someone along with you to have to go to gym or exercise tracks makes the task easier and fun.

Losing weight can be challenging, especially for people with a busy schedule. However, by some careful planning and dedication, you can definitely work your way towards fitness, no matter how much busy you may be.

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