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Quantrim is a unique new weight loss pill that works. It differs from many other diet pills in that its active ingredients are natural. It is safe, effective and easy to use.

What are the ingredients?

Bladderwrack (scientific name Fucus vesiclosusand), a kind of seaweed, and Cleavers (scientific name Galium aparine), an herb, are both ingredients used in traditional medicine. Both have been used for weight loss as well as remedies for many disorders.

What does bladderwrack (Fucus vesiclosusand) do?

bladderwrackBladderwrack has historically been used to treat a number of ailments from arteriosclerosis to emphysema and various stomach ailments to menstrual problems. Its use in thyroid disorders is related to its efficacy as a weight loss aid. Because thyroid is related to metabolism, bladderwrack’s role in regulating thyroid may raise your metabolism. Bladderwrack may also act as a diuretic. This means that it will keep you from retaining water.

Seaweed can help you to feel less hungry by both reducing your appetite and making you feel fuller when you do eat.


What do Cleavers (Galium aparine) do?

CleaversCleavers is a diuretic as well. It doesn’t just prevent your body from holding onto excess water, however. Cleavers is a lymphatic, which means that it works on the lymph system flushing waste away.




Alternate day diet

fasttrackCombining several methods is a faster and more effective road to weight loss, and included with the pills is a manual for alternating a very low calorie diet with days of normal eating. This type of fasting or very low calorie eating has been linked to other health benefits besides weight loss including longer life spans.

How safe is Quantrim?

Some diet pills have had a poor reputation for safety in the past, and it’s understandable to be concerned about the products you’re putting into your body as a result. The point of losing weight is to increase one’s health, not destroy it. Quantrim is very safe. Traditionally, diet pills have contained stimulants, but this isn’t the case with Quantrim, which is made of all-natural herbal ingredients. In the United Kingdom, Quantrim meets the standards for the Traditional Herbal Registration license.



Does Quantrim work?

The effectiveness of Quantrim’s ingredients is backed by hundreds of years of traditional medicine’s wisdom. Used in combination with the calorie restricted diet by Dr. Alfred, Quantrim can be part of a safe, healthy weight loss program. Any significant fluctuations in weight, weight loss programs or very low calorie eating programs should be monitored by your doctor. A very low calorie diet should not be maintained for a long time.


Where is Quantrim available?

The best place to purchase Quantrim is direct a www.quantrim.com. Don’t miss out on nearly 40% off in their special launch offer.

If you want to get long term results we highly recommend combining Quantrim with the unique Fitium Diet plan, which you can find out more about at www.fitium.com

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